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The Bowling Store offers a wide variety of services to the bowling community.


The layout/drilling of balls purchased at The Bowling Store is included in the purchase price.  Our staff is well-versed in dynamic layout systems such as Mo Pinel's Dual Angle Layout, Storm VLS, and Storm 2LS.    See how using drilling patterns created from these methodologies can improve your ball roll and game.

The Bowling Store also provides drilling services for used equipment and balls purchased from sources other than The Bowling Store.  Drilling prices depend on the type of ball drilled.


Modern bowling balls have been designed to "wick" oil from the lane as they roll.  The porous surface of the ball will transfer this oil deeper into the coverstock while attempting to keep the area of the ball which touches the lane clean.

Over some time, this oil absorption will change your ball reaction.  You'll find yourself leaving corner pins that you never used to leave or find that your ball seems to have lost some of its hook.

The Bowling Store offers proven methods to remove the oil soaked into your bowling balls.   Jayhawk's Detox machine uses heated water that is sonically "blasted" into the surface of your ball to draw the oil out.  Innovative's Revivor uses circulating heat to extract oil from your ball.  Both of these methods can remove oil without causing damage to the structure of your bowling ball.  Check out the videos on this page to see how these processes work.

To minimize oil problems, make sure to clean your ball after every session.  Manufacturers recommend a deep cleaning, Detox, or Revivor, every 30 to 45 games.


Most people probably have owned a plugged bowling ball at some point in their bowling career.   Maybe you get a ball from a friend and want it plugged and redrilled to fit your hand.  Maybe you want to plug one of your own balls to experiment with a different layout or pitches.  Maybe you just need to have a ball plugged to repair damage done to the surface.   The reasons for plugging a ball are many, but the bottom line is that plugged and redrilled bowling balls are common. 

Studies have proven quite conclusively, that in most cases, bowlers and pro shop operators shouldn’t be too concerned with how plugging affects the mass properties of their bowling balls.   Simply stated, new balls roll good, and plugged balls roll bad is not true.

If you need to have a ball plugged,  make sure to stop into The Bowling Store and we will take care of you.  We can provide both rapid plugging for emergencies and the more common multi-day plugging process for all other needs.



Bowlers are obsessed with coverstocks, cores, RGs, differentials, layouts, etc.  While these metrics matter, research has shown that the bowling ball's surface is the most important performance factor.

We are happy to provide any ball surface maintenance that you need.  We can also provide the products needed if you prefer to maintain your equipment yourself.

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